This tested and tried out system consists spray lines that run through the length of the riding arena .They are attached to hard-PVC pipes on to the arena ceiling. The mist spray valves are spaced about 90 cm apart and an evenly spread of the water is promised. 

Above the hoof path will be mounted a separate pipe line for exclusive sprinkling the hoof path area. A optimal deviation of sprinklers makes you get a equal irrigation in the arena. Every sprinkle line has a patented valve system for automatic drainage after sprinkling, there will be no change of frost damage or bacteria growth in the system. Every valve can be controlled separately so accurate sprinkling is no problem.

During hot summer months, a pleasant side effect is a refreshing cooling sensation, which accompanies the use of our system. The arena can be used immediately afterwards, since there is almost none of a dripping effect after the watering procedure. Our nozzle-jet-system is precisely fitted to your indoor school, taking into account its special aesthetic and technological requirements, so that it blends in handsomely into your existing facility. With this system, both a considerable dust binding effect and an even watering of the arena surface can be achieved.

Spray-nozzles irrigation - a tested and tried out system !

Technical Details 20x40 arena:

  • Nr of pipe lines: 6
  • Control: Automatic
  • Control box: 1
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Electrical valves: 6
  • Valve supply: 24V
  • Rain 4 mm: 3120 l per 5min
  • Total water / hour: 37440 l/h
  • Main pressure: 3,5-4 bar
  • Needed pump: 4500 l/h

The arena will be sprinkled per pipe line, capacity of pump and water supply will be low in this case.

Features of the nozzle-jet-system:

  • Modular design - Separation into individual irrigation sections
  • bowe-mist-nozzles - Self-produced product with superb spray attributes
  • Electronic control-unit - Lockable, robust and easy to use and programmable
  • Optimized border irrigation - Increases the precision of the jet irrigation system
  • Automatic Frost-Free-Control - with sensors and automatically drained at frost