A solarium is in fact a large 'red lamp’ that emits infrared rays.
Infrared (IR) is the term used to denote heat radiation and should not be confused with ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is responsible for sun tanning.
A horse therefore does not turn brown under an IR solarium.

All living beings require both IR and UV radiation. We do not require a great deal of UV light; however IR light, that is to say warmth, is more essential.
You expect your horse to deliver top performances. The most important factors in achieving this are the build and training of the muscles. A horse that is overexerting its muscles will not perform as well.

Infrared rays improve the blood circulation, as a result of which blood sugars are absorbed more quickly by the muscles. The waste product management in the muscles also improves proportionally. This ensures that your horse recovers more quickly following great exertions.
The IR rays also make your horse dry more rapidly following work or after being washed down. This means that it has less chance of catching a cold and its coat acquires a beautiful sheen. Furthermore, a warming-up under the solarium will produce better results during training.
All in all, we can submit that an IR solarium actually brings about an improvement in the performances and condition of your horse.

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